Vassar Style: Fashion, Feminism and 1950s American Media by Rebecca C. Tuite

Vassar Style: Fashion, Feminism and 1950s American Media


The history of Vassar Style and its enduring legacy…

“With incisive historical research, unseen archive materials and the oral histories of 1950s graduates, Rebecca C. Tuite deconstructs  the “Vassar Girl,” as both a cultural and sartorial icon in mid-century America. But beyond being an almost mythical presence that permeates 1950s popular culture and media, the bona fide Vassar graduate can be seen as a conduit for a collective women’s experience in the pre-feminist era. Combining cultural studies, media analysis and personal experiences, Tuite presents a fascinating look at both the “Vassar Girl” and the reality of the undergraduate experience at Vassar in the 1950s.”