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Seven Sisters Style: The All-American Preppy Look has been featured online and in print around the world!

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Campus Chic, Rhapsody Magazine, by J. Courtney Sullivan, June 2014.




TUITE_ANNETTE_JOSEPH_SEVEN_SISTERS_STYLE Seven Sisters Style Q&A with Rebecca C. Tuite, Annette Joseph, 9 June 2014.




TUITE_CHARLOTTE_MOSS_SEVEN_SISTERS_STYLE Book Report: Seven Sisters Style, Charlotte Moss TÊTE-À-TÊTE, by Charlotte Moss, 21 May 2014.




TUITE_IRISH_TIMES_SEVEN_SISTERS_STYLE The Preppy Look, from Seven Sisters to the Catwalk, The Irish Times, by Sarah Waldron, 14 May 2014.




TUITE_ELLE_SEVEN_SISTERS_STYLE‘Seven Sisters Style’: How to Master the Preppy Look, Elle, by Danielle Prescod, 13 May 2014.




TUITE_WALL_STREET_JOURNAL_SEVEN_SISTERS Charm Bracelets à la Seven Sisters, Wall Street Journal, Online and in Print, by Alexa Brazilian, 9 May 2014.




TUITE_THE_HAMBLEDON_QANDA_SEVEN_SISTERS Q&A with Rebecca C. Tuite, Author of ‘Seven Sisters Style’, The Hambledon, 28 April 2014.




TUITE_INSTYLE_MAGAZINE_SEVEN_SISTERS_STYLE The Three Fashion Titles You Need to Read This Spring, InStyle, by Eric Wilson, 25 April 2014.




TUITE_COLUMBIA_SPECTATOR_SEVEN_SISTERS_STYLE New Book explores Style, Attitude of 7 Sisters through 20th Century, Columbia Spectator, by Abby Mitchell, 22 April 2014.




TUITE_REFINERY29_SEVEN_SISTERS_STYLE Meet the Ladies Who Changed American Style, Refinery 29, by Leeann Duggan, 23 April 2014.




TUITE_PARIS_VOGUE_APRIL2014_COVER What’s in Vogue, Paris Vogue, April 2014.






TUITE_MAN_REPELLER_SEVEN_SISTERS_STYLEStyle of the Seven Sisters: Those All-American Preppy Girls, Man Repeller, by Amelia Diamond, 22 April 2014.




TUITE_DISNEY_ROLLER_GIRL_SEVEN_SISTERS_STYLEBook Report: Seven Sisters Style, Disney Roller Girl, by Navaz Batliwalla, 21 April 2014.




TUITE_VASSAR_MISCELLANY_NEWS_SEVEN_SISTERS_STYLE ‘Seven Sisters Style’ Revisits Fashion History, Vassar Miscellany News, by Samantha Kohl, 16 April 2014.




TUITE_GLOBE_AND_MAIL_SEVEN_SISTERS_STYLE Everyone dressed the same, buy Seven Sisters Style was radical in its own way, The Globe and Mail Canada, by Sarah Hampson, 17 April 2014.




TUITE_NEW_YORK_MAGAZINE_THE_CUT_SEVEN_SISTERS_STYLE Look back at Preppy Collegiate Styles of Yore, The Cut, by Erin Cunningham, 16 April 2014.




TUITE_IVY_STYLE_SEVEN_SISTERS_STYLELil’ Sis: Rebecca Tuite’s ‘Seven Sisters Style: The All-American Preppy Look’, Ivy Style, by Christian Chensvold, 15 April 2014.




TUITE_DAILY_MAIL_SEVEN_SISTERS_STYLE The Pioneers of Preppy: How US College Girls Inspired Ralph Lauren and Perry Ellis with their ‘Defiant’ Style, Daily Mail, Mail Online, by Sadie Whitelocks, 11 April 2014.




TUITE_DU_JOUR_SEVEN_SISTERS_STYLE Intro to American Prep: A Seven Sisters Spring, Du Jour, 11 April 2014.




TUITE_S_MODA_EL_PAIS_SEVEN_SISTERS_STYLE ‘Seven Sisters’: Las Inventoras del estilo ‘Preppy’, S Moda, El Pais, by Carmen LÓpez, 11 April 2014.




TUITE_VOGUE_PARIS_SEVEN_SISTERS_STYLE 10 Beaux Livres de Mode, Paris Vogue, 8 April 2014.




TUITE_TOMBOY_STYLE_SEVEN_SISTERS_STYLE WORD: Seven Sisters Style, Tomboy Style, by Lizzie Garrett Mettler, 8 April 2014.





‘Seven Sisters Style’: Vintage Photos of Women’s Collegiate Fashion, Flavorwire, by Jason Diamond, 8 April 2014.




TUITE_NEVER_UNDRESSED_SEVEN_SISTERS_STYLE The Best Fashion Books for Spring, Never Undressed, by Alexandra Heminsley, 7 April 2014.




TUITE_THE_DAILY_BEAST_SEVEN_SISTERS_STYLE The Seven Sisters All-American Preppy Style, The Daily Beast, by Erin Cunningham, 7 April 2014.




Fanfair: Hot Type, Vanity Fair, April 2014.TUITE_Vanity_Fair_Hot_Type_Seven_Sisters_Style





Tuite-Vanity-Fair-Seven-Sisters-Style-OnlineHow to Capture American Preppy Seven Sisters Style, Vanity Fair, by Priya Rao, 24 March 2014.




Boston Proper - Seven Sisters Style TUITE PRESS

Coffee Talk, Boston Proper Style Edit, by Lauren David Peden, Spring 2014.




TUITE-Quest-Magazine-Seven-Sisters-Style Sisterhood Style, Quest, by Daniel Capello, 19 March 2014.




Seven Sisters Style: The History of American Preppy Dressing, The Telegraph, by Kate Salter, 18 March, 2014.





Sisterhood Style, 47 Ventures, by Daniel Cappello, 10 March 2014.




Ladylike Fashion History Tuite CNN Why You’re Still Wearing those Ladylike Fashions, CNN, February 2014.




Androgynous Fashion History TuiteAndrogynous Fashion: An Evolving Trend, Woodhouse Clothing, February 2014.





Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 16.20.47 (2)Are There Really ‘Rules’ to What to Wear?, by Denise Winterman, BBC News Magazine, September 2013.






The Rise of the Midi-Heel, by Kerry Potter, Company, October 2012.

Rebecca Tuite History Shocking Styles

Fashion: History’s Most Shocking Styles, by Denise Winterman, BBC News Magazine, 17 February 2012.


Uniform: Vassar, Tomboy Style, 3 May 2011.

Vassar Girls, Disney Roller Girl, Navaz Batliwalla, 6 April 2011. [One of the most influential blogs of the moment and she was also included in The Times list of “40 Bloggers Who Really Count.”]

Vassar College, 1939, Greensleeves to a Ground, 11 March 2011.

Take Vassar, Snatch, March 2011.

French Magazine Interviews “Vassar Style” Author, Mads Vassar, 17 February 2011.

Rebecca Tuite et le Style Vassar, Hell’s Kitchen, 16 February 2011.


Alumna Writing Book on ’50s Vassar Girl, Mads Vassar, 3 December 2010.

What We’re Reading, Mads Vassar, 8 October 2010.

“Fritidsklubben,” D2, Norway, 22 October 2010.

The Evolution of Vassar Fashion, Mads Vassar, 12 August 2010.